Ron Frantz is featured in this short “Explore Ada” documentary, sharing the history and design of the Sugg Clinic, a building in Ada, Oklahoma. In the video, Ron describes how the Sugg Clinic, in the streamline moderne style, is an example of Oklahoma towns keeping up with modern architecture styles that were trending nationwide.

“It must have been fascinating to watch it being built, then listen to the town talk about what was going on here, with that light green color that was so different from red brick and limestone buildings in Ada.”

Ron finds a special significance in historic buildings like the Sugg Clinic:

“I think that our grandparents gave us an incredible architectural heritage. They were working so hard, sometimes with so little, through some tough times. But, they still believed in themselves and their communities. The architectural statements in Ada, like so many of our communities, show these people believed in creating a future for their descendants.”

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