The IQC will be a part of two courses in the College of Architecture in spring 2014. Both classes meet once per week, on Fridays from 9:30 – 12:15.

Environmental Design Capstone (EN D 4993 001)


This project-based course taught by Ron Frantz and Hope Mander will explore connections between the arts and community revitalization, focusing on a project in Alva, Oklahoma. The course will include field trips and provide a hands-on experience.

For more information contact Ron or Hope.

Tactical Urbanism Workshop (ARCH 4970 001)


The course taught by Shane Hampton will cover the growing tactical urbanism movement. Tactical urbanism is a term for citizen-led interventions in the built environment, from guerilla actions to officially sanctioned projects. The primary focus of the course will be planning and implementation for a Better Block project in downtown Norman.

For more information contact Shane.